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A place where

Digital magic takes
brands to the next level

Qasols has vowed to help its clients reach new heights through a complete digital transformation. After offering tailor-made ad services that brought multi-million dollars for the clients at Madsgency, Ahmed and Qadeer are here to blow their magic upon local brands.


Our work

Qasols is a digital agency passionate about visual designs, paid marketing and technology. We have a strong history of collaboration with companies, from small to large, where we helped them engage with the audience and increase their brand awareness. And this is precisely what every brand yearns to tread successfully in the virtual arena. Instead of asking your think tank for a yes or no, jump right into it!

Take the flight before it flies!

Having the right people beside you is vital. They would let you know how you can get a maximum bang for your buck. Our digital marketing experts have solid proof of creating successful masterpieces for their clients. From increasing phone calls to website traffic – they have all the tactics to let you soar high. The endorsements Ahmed and Qadeer got from Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and Disrupt are a proof of their expertise in the domain.

Our proven strategies combined with the brilliant minds on board let your business grow

The striking combo of innovative strategies with the creative juices on board will give you an unfair advantage over the competition. There is a reason why Hafiz Ahmed Ashfaq and Qadeer Wagriya are featured on Entrepreneur, Yahoo, and Thrive Global. The duo has spent thousands of hours gathering real-world experience creating, testing, and tweaking campaigns that convert well.

Instead of opting for long hours of courses and conducting trial-and-error, you can simply hand over the whole virtual affair to this entity. Anticipate explosive growth and work on the other wonders of your brand!

Why choose us?

A customer’s journey to promotion till purchase is far from a straight line. Brands must have an upgraded campaign that strikes the right touchpoints. It isn’t easy for noobs to get into the virtual game and win overnight. You need services from ad wizards like Ahmed and Qadeer to cook an exciting digital marketing recipe.

The duo behind Madsgency knows how to add a competitive edge into an otherwise dull campaign. The question is, are you ready to hand them the reins?

It might seem cheesy to blow your own trumpet but you got to do it sometimes. Here is why you should choose Qasols to kickstart your journey in the digital domain:

We won’t relax until we ensure that each campaign brings the juiciest fruits. Every design has to mature as it proceeds

The fact that Ahmed and Qadeer founded The Tube Framework System speaks of their creation. We relentlessly focus on being the first and brightest in the market.

The client is kept informed at every step of the way. This is to ensure their priorities are given due respect and hearing. It helps to keep a campaign targeted and effective. A creative design from Qasols gives a fast-track entry into the world of digital marketing.