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Qasols Auto Webinar Funnel

When it comes to the webinar, you’ve two options on the dish – conduct it live or play a recorded session. Auto webinar, as the word suggests, is a prerecorded webinar that you can play anytime.

The winning merit of auto webinars is their ability to provide value to the audience and pitch them something they yearn for – all in one setting! Adding automated webinars to your marketing structure is a sustainable method to add a revenue stream. Of course, a live webinar is a sixer. But running a webinar on autopilot saves you the hassle and makes sense in some cases.

Also called the evergreen webinar, this continues to send a steady stream of leads to your portal. It doesn’t go outdated and continues to be of use for viewers for many years. A few awesome perks of automated webinars are:

  • It offers massive value
  • You can cultivate a close relationship with prospects as you speak to them for an hour
  • A smooth transition to pitch is possible through webinars
  • It enables you to send high-ticket items instead of $12 ebooks
  • An excellent way to scale up your venture with the one-time hassle of recording
  • The webinar has minimal errors because it’s created with a script and adequate graphics
  • It gives you a chance to check and rectify the errors

When’s the last time you took a day off? You must hit the sack and let go of all that keeps you awake at night. CNN reports that holidays are vital to take some time off and recharge. With the help of automated webinars, you can take some time off and still maintain a steady income.

How will an automated webinar work for you?

Earlier, it was technically challenging to create an automated webinar funnel. But not anymore! With all the tools we have at our disposal, it’s not a troublesome task for those who put their hearts into it. A handful of tips to remember while you’re planning for an automated webinar are:

  • Record the webinar and make sure that it converts at the rate of 5 – 15 percent. Plus, record every live event for re-using it later.
  • Don’t make the webinar date-specific. This will keep your webinar evergreen.
  • Avoid discussing pop-culture trends. This seems like a fantastic way to hook the audience, but it specifies your webinar for a specific time.
  • Integrate a live chat component. And let your viewers know that this is an automated webinar. 
  • Tally up the viewers and let them see the figure. This makes them feel a part of the group.
  • Remove any logo as the viewers might click on it and get strayed away from the webinar.
  • Be transparent about the parts of the webinar that are prerecorded (or all of it).

Auto webinar funnel is the key to more profits and more leads. It asks for time and dedication at the start but serves sweet fruits later!

Auto webinar funnel is your knight in shining armor if…

  • You want to go big – expand the scope of your company to other countries
  • You yearn for a valuable channel – the current marketing platforms don’t serve a meaningful purpose
  • You want to demonstrate – explaining your product/service to people gets easier
  • You want high-tech options – automating your presentations gives you a chance to focus on bigger objectives
  • You wish to flaunt your videos – it allows displaying video content to a larger audience

It could be challenging to grab someone’s attention for an hour in today's hyper-marketing world. You must make the best use out of it by taking the right people on deck.

Qasols – the auto webinar funnel chef that will spike your sales!

The digital wizards at Qasols have a well-devised map fueled by the brains of Ashfaq and Wagriya – the prodigies of digital marketing. A few elements they bring in auto webinar funnel package are:

Run retargeting ads
By capturing data of visitors, we set up retargeting ads to remind them of the webinar (if they do not register themselves).

Add reminder emails
Let the registered people know about reminder emails they will receive and how these emails will benefit them in the future.

Send post-webinar email sequences
We send links to the webinar or tell them about future webinars to attend later.

Send abandoned cart emails
This is where people who filled the carts are sent reminders to finish their purchase.

Make compelling offers
We offer enticing discounts and freebies for webinar attendees. This is to increase their interest.