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Email marketing and
automation – your cheat sheet
to amplify sales!

The contemporary marketing methods should not distract us from the oldest and most effective promotional tactics. Email marketing automation has been here for a while and shows its efficacy despite the new strategies.

It involves sending timed promotional emails to subscribers on the mailing list. Online marketers can send personalized messages to prospects and existing customers. They set up an algorithm that follows the loop and sends emails to those who match a specific criterion.

The hassle of writing emails for a group may get on the nerves of entrepreneurs. An email automation strategy comes to the rescue in such scenarios. You have to set up the email once, and as more people meet the defined trigger, an email goes out to them.

No wonder that research by Epsilon Email Institute aligns with these findings. It says that triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate and 152% higher click-though-rate (CTR) than generic newsletters. And the whole point of sending emails is to compel people to read. Right?
Some of the hotshot brands are still resorting to emails as their marketing channel. Take Kate Spade, for instance. It sends an automated welcome email to new subscribers. This is visually appealing, offers a discount, and shows a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Setting up an email like this easy-peasy lemon squeezy!
What you need are some brilliant sharks onboard.

Why use email marketing automation?

With a plethora of marketing options around us, it is viable to question why email marketing and automation? What if we invest this amount into another, more productive strategy?
Well, for starters, because old is gold.
Litmus reports that each dollar spent on email marketing brings an average return-on-investment (ROI) of $36. It is the highest ROI (3600%) among all the marketing strategies. It would be best if you adopted the email marketing automation resource because it is:

  • Measurable – You can collect data and use it to optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Personalization – You can tailor emails according to the audience and increase your CTRs.
  • Inexpensive – With several platforms, you can do email marketing at a limited budget.
  • Enhance loyalty – You can share unique resources and tips to nurture relationships with existing customers and new subscribers.
  • Timely and agile – You get a message across with a few clicks and taps.

Increased transactions and efficiency are around the corner with a wisely designed email marketing automation strategy. Probably that’s why a Litmus report shows 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up on social media than email marketing.

Who needs an email marketing and automation setup?

Email automation is all about triggers and creativity. Marketers need to latch out all their creative instincts and set up enticing campaigns. You must get on the bandwagon when:

  • You spot a visitor viewing a particular page on your website

  • A prospect client begins following your social handle

  • A client shows interest in your product or service but doesn’t make direct contact

  • A customer adds a product in their cart but abandons it midway

  • An old customer hasn’t purchased for a long time

  • A customer has converted, and you want to get a review

These and many other scenarios could be the triggers to an email. Make sure you set a criterion according to your business and customer behavior.

HubSpot discovered 40% of the consumers have at least 50 unread emails in their inboxes. We bet you don’t want your emails to be in this pile. For that to happen, you need a perfectly crafted email marketing automation strategy.
Qasols has a shrewd team to help you create a fruitful email marketing and automation setup. They bring the following to the table:

A clever strategy
The first step is to define “who, when, and what.” Our team compiles the answer to all these questions according to your business vision.

State-of-the-art software
Our agency holds a progressive mindset. Instead of holding onto old straws, we bring impeccably advanced software for you.

Relevant newsletters
We put together the emails to reflect your business. They use best practices for open rates, conversions, click-through rates, and deliverability.