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What are Gmail Ads?

An average person spends about 4.1 hours checking their emails every day. This makes around 20+ hours per week. With such a significant amount of time dedicated to emails, it is easy to see why Gmail ads are the best way to target potential clients.
Gmail Ads, also known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, are paid and interactive ads advertisers display in prospects’ inboxes. They get a spot atop users’ inbox inside the promotion or socials tab. Once the user taps on any part of the ad, it opens the full email, enabling the user to view the promoted product/service.

Ads in Gmail allow for:

  • Clicking through for a potential conversion
  • Saving in the users’ inbox with the “Save to Inbox” button at the top
  • Forwarded to other Internet users
  • Closed without any action taken

With appropriate targeting, you can anticipate a good engagement ratio. Keep in mind; you should try your level best to keep users within the inbox. An ad that pulls a user out of their inbox is frustrating and fruitless.

Why Gmail Ads?

A study by Optimonster recently discovered that email marketing is the best method for reaching out to customers. When compared with social media marketing, this type generates three times the conversion rate!

Gmail ad marketing has proven its efficacy with low cost per application (CPAs), high (click-through rates) CTRs, and huge impression rates at an extremely doable price.

Not only this, but Google also plays an active role in making the ads presentable. It optimizes ads to ensure they are aesthetically pleasant wherever they appear. Be it desktop, mobile, or any other smart device, Gmail ads are always on point!

Why Gmail Ads?

Once you have split-tested your ads and determined your target audience, it’s now time to take things to the next step. You may want to glance into Google’s automated targeting features.

Google algorithms have significantly matured over the years. Using them the right way will allow you to expand the reach of your campaign. For some products and services, aggressive automation is the best option. But for most companies, conservative automation works best. 

In practicality, this option works a lot like similar audiences. So, if your base audience is identical, this is the ultimate choice for you. Otherwise, it could be a possible way to drive results from a functional campaign.

Gmail Ad approach followed at Qasols

Gmail Ads powered by Google can bring productive outcomes if designed well. Hand it over to noobs, and you will find all your finances going down the drain. Qasols brings viable Gmail Ad solutions for every client. We scan the resources available, anticipated outcomes and join our heads to generate out-of-the-box ideas. The Gmail Ad practices we adopt are listed below:

  • Advertise a top-of-the-funnel offer

Prospects aren’t ready to invest from the start. We believe in offering free content and the collection of lead information. As the prospect enters their email, we proceed forth to demonstrate our exciting deals for them, for example, an educational webinar without a cost.

  • Take benefit of the rivals

A competitor conquesting strategy is what you need to fine-tune your targeting. This is where a Gmail user receives an email from your brand every time a competitor tosses an email towards them.

  • Design expanded ad like a landing page

It is important to highlight key elements on the email to produce effective results. The likes of which are:

Copy: The copy of the collapsed email has to be compelling and converting. It should be direct and display your unique value proposition with clarity. A team headed by virtual wizards Ahmed and Qadeer is your best shot to get that!
CTA color: The CTA has to pop on every ad. This means that the button should contrast with the other segments of the ad.
Imagery: We choose hero shots or infographics to help users fathom your brand. 
CTA copy: The creative genies at Qasols run all the ideas to ensure that you get a personalized and enticing copy.