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Qasols Google Search Ads

How Google Search Ad Campaign  can help?

Google Search Ads are a marvelous way to boost your brand profile, produce more leads and traffic, and obtain more sales. The Google Ads platform focuses on pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC marketing is a tailored and affordable form of web marketing. It works by sending highly relevant and prospective clients who can pay for your product/service. Ads from Google also get featured across other platforms. These include Blogger, YouTube, and Google Display Network. Its Analytic dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your ads over time. This enables you to polish the effectiveness of your ads and adjust their content according to the target population.
According to the Search Engine Journal, 84% of the advertisers using paid ads plan to use Google’s new responsive search ads. The perks of using this campaign are:

  • You can reach goals – Search campaigns help you get more leads and website traffic
  • It conveys highly relevant traffic – You target people who are actively searching for your product/service

Sets up easily – Ads are easy to create and do not need special assets

TechJury discovered that paid ads have a 200% Return on Investment (ROI). It is definitely worth investing in Google Ads. Even if your organic ranking is sound, your website is likely to appear below those who have paid to promote.

Why are Search Ads important?

There are plenty of perks wrapped in the bundle of Google search ads. Some rewards you get with this are:

  • AdWords work faster than SEO
  • It increases brand awareness
  • It allows full control of your campaigns at all times
  • You can design a plan within your budget
  • You see results laid out in an understandable format
  • It gets more conversions
  • It maximizes ROI with various bidding capabilities

Google offers something for all sizes of companies. In its sea of seemingly endless research, you need lasting solutions that bring you above others.

How does it work?

Paid advertising on Google is an important resource for hobbyists, bloggers, and business owners. It helps to create and manage text and shopping ads in minutes while optimizing your website.
Following are the Steps you should follow to implement a Google

  • Establish your account goals – Determine what you want to achieve with this campaign. For instance, if you are using it to enhance brand awareness, the features of your ad will be completely different than when you use these ads to generate leads.
  • Create audience personas – This involves finding the ideal customers and what they are looking for.
  • Conduct keyword research – Tools like SEMRush will allow you to discover the volume, cost, and competition for search terms at every research stage.
  • Design AdWords account – It is important to structure your account in various ad groups and campaigns to feature relevant ads.
  • Bid the keywords – Once you have a list of the keywords, you have to place ads by bidding on the keywords. If the competition for a keyword is high, your cost-per-click (CPC) would be quite high to bid. In such circumstances, it is viable to go granular and bid on the long-tail keywords.
  • Create an ad copy – Make sure that you integrate relevant keywords, calls-to-action (CTA), compelling headlines, and ad extensions.
  • Place Google Analytics Code – You must infuse a code on the website for conversion tracking.

Let our Google Search Ad professionals make your campaign a success! 

At Qasols, we manage your Google Search ads account and target the keywords that bring buyers to your website. We know how companies are often tugging with finances, so we design customized campaigns with maximum bang for a buck.

Investing in Google Ads pushes buyers to your website who fail to spot it through organic search. Our experience in Search Ads has turned us into A-level players on the field. The steps we follow are:

Competitor ad analysis and keyword research 

Finding the right keywords is the core of a successful Google recipe. We research the keywords and competition to create campaigns that drive sales and bring a positive ROI.

Ad copy and campaign creation

We set the ad campaigns, create copies, and configure all settings. There are several ads created and modified as we want to bring the highest conversion rates.

Detail reporting and team management

Our ads manager generates a detailed report on how the campaign performed each month. The plans for the upcoming month are also discussed with you. With Qasols, you save time, reduce complexity, and gain the ability to make the right decisions about your future promotional objectives.