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Qasols High Ticket Funnel Setup

Discover customers & compel them to purchase with a high-ticket funnel setup

A high-ticket funnel helps you sell your high-priced items or services. People move up the value ladder as the price increases. They get the idea that paying a hefty amount will bring immense value their way.

You can make massive profits with high-ticket funnels if you learn how to put them together. This selling system could be of enormous value if placed in the right hands. This funnel zeroes in on the right group of customers. And so, the research process that goes at the back end is pretty extensive. It takes more time and effort to grow the number of high-value clients.

On the flipside, low-ticket sales are triggered through specific months or seasonal sales. Generally, the brands selling high-priced items find it troublesome to spot a consumer group in the saturated marketplace. The competition coupled with amateur marketing practices makes it quite tough to shed light on your USPs.

Some might consider lowering price and quality to fight through the crowded space. But a few genius bunch would opt for a high ticket funnel setup. It lets you dance solo on a stage full of boring dancers!

What’s great about a high-ticket
funnel setup?

A high-ticket funnel setup is all about tapping your inner marketing geek to go creative. The strategic phases may be challenging, but the end results blow up the sales. Some benefits it brings your way are:

  • Show Calls-to-Action

It all makes perfect sense! When you sell a high-priced item, it is evident that you’ll find more bucks rolling your way.

  • Positions you as the lead

People are drawn to buying items that cost more. They put their trust in your brand and expect a top-quality product/service. For instance, when a person buys an iPhone 13, they automatically perceive Apple to be the best tech brand.

  • Potentially fewer overhead costs

Low ticket items rely on quantity for profits. This leads to using more workers in the company. On the other hand, a high-ticket thing means you deal with fewer customers, fewer products, and a limited workforce.

With a well-established high-ticket funnel setup, you are in a better position to maintain and increase your prices. The key is to keep reins in your hand and make the ride as smooth as you can!

A high-ticket funnel makes
your brand shine by…

Finding the right audience
It would be best if you pointed the fingers at the right prospects when selling high-ticket items. The funnel setup lets you know benefits and detriments of each group to target the right leads.

Spotting the best lead magnet
When it comes to high-ticket items, you need to find leads ready to buy in at the beginning. A little work on the part of a prospect shows their level of interest in the brand.

Focusing on high-touch nurturing
It puts plenty of effort into nurturing the leads to help ease the prospects' fears and convince them that they are making the right choice.

Incorporating social proof
Social proof is the best way to calm the audience down and show them solid proof of your authenticity.

Going blunt about pricing
The high-ticket funnel clarifies prices from the beginning. This swerves those away who cannot afford it. Meanwhile, the ones who go up the funnel usually end up buying.

How can Qasols help you set up an outclass high ticket funnel?

You need a well-laid plan to craft a high ticket funnel for your brand. Several steps are involved in this, and numerous starting points exist. A shrews team like Qasols could lead you in and let you fly. Here is how:

  • It introduces the product or service by building excitement and offering potential solutions. This could be done through social media or a webinar.
  • It designs the landing page for the high ticket funnel. Customers are directed to the website, where they find details and CTAs leading to the point of sale.
  • It designs the landing page for the high ticket funnel. Customers are directed to the website, where they find details and CTAs leading to the point of sale.
  • It creates an email sequence. This is where the leads are reminded and made aware of the new product/service introduced by the brand.

Each phase of the funnel requires a careful blending of ideas and digital knowledge. The motive of having astute professionals at your side is to tread out there with confidence.