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Qasols remarketing 360

If you want your digital marketing campaign to produce the sweetest fruits, you must offer a second chance to the customers. This is an opportunity, termed remarketing, in the virtual world.
Essentially, remarketing is a method of connecting your product or service with people who have already been on your site. The Search Engine Journal simplifies this concept for us. It says remarketing is about re-engaging customers through emails.

Various platforms can be used to get it done—these range from Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Do you that 98% of the people will leave your website without converting? Remarketing allows you to try your luck on that fraction once more.

It is a form of personalized advertising to capture the attention of shoppers who have already shown interest in your brand. As MailChimp explains that the audience needs to feel like they know you first. If you toss the right ingredients in the mix, remarketing can bring tremendous value your way.

Let our wizards swipe their wands and craft flawless remarketing strategies for you

Why remarketing 360 is a ray of hope?

According to Market, 96% of the visitors who come to your platform aren’t ready to buy. That’s a huge chunk of visitors you are losing out. Remarketing allows you to target these people once again. It makes sure that you:

  • Stay a top their minds – With remarketing, you remind people of their prior interests.
  • Convert the leads – You increase the chance of turning a warm lead into a closed one. It is a nudge they need to pursue a purchase
  • Hyperfocus your ads – You directly target those who have shown interest in the past. Google states that there are various remarketing lists you can apply to multiple situations.
  • Leverage video and mobile – It expands your reach as you can access people via mobile, apps, and multiple devices.
  • Save money – You spend less as you narrow your net and reach out to viable leads.

A highly targeted campaign ensures excellent relevancy. You spend less and get more – a golden bundle if you know how to wrap it up!

How can Qasols help to
improve your remarketing campaigns?

People understand that ads are a part of the virtual world. They tend to swipe and skip meaningless ads. But those with impeccable graphics and valuable content are sure to stop them in their tracks.
We have learned the craft with constant trial and error. This is what we bring onboard:
A viable ad frequency
We use tools to limit the ads shown to the audience. This number has to be sound but not overwhelming.
Different lists
We create user segments to make sure that you send viable messages to each user group
Create lists for existing customers
This is the list of people who should get thank you emails. It may also include sending discounts and promotional codes.
Experiment, track, repeat
We bring a world of analytic tools to help you establish checks, see what works, dispose of what doesn’t, and craft a new tactic. If you feel like your brand is stuck in a rut, you need an astute team to take charge. Remarketing is the ultimate solution if you feel like you need a second chance.